Episode 11: The Joys of Jello

In this episode, I cook three savory Jell-O recipes and talk about the rise and decline in the popularity of Jell-O salads through the twentieth century.  The recipes are Gazpacho Salad, Cucumber Sour Cream Salad, and Tuna Salad. It was an interesting experiment.
Jello Classic Recipes 1.1.jpg
Jell-O Classic Recipes (2002) contains the recipes for the Gazpacho Salad and Cucumber Sour Cream Mold from this episode.  It also contains many sweet recipes that look quite lovely.
DSC_0114 1.1.jpg
Gazpacho Salad from Classic Jell-O Recipes (2002).
DSC_0130 1.1.jpg
A slice of Gazpacho Salad.
Jello Classic - Tomato Gazpacho 1.1.jpg
This is the picture of the Gazpacho Salad from the book.  I think mine looks just as nice.
DSC_0111 1.1.jpg
The Cucumber Sour Cream Mold from Jell-O Classic Recipes (2002).  The combination of the lime Jell-O, sour cream, and mayonnaise give it a very odd color of green.
DSC_0127 1.1.jpg
A slice of the Cucumber Sour Cream Mold
Joys of Jello_0001 1.2.jpg
The Tuna Salad Recipe is from Joys of Jell-O (1963)
DSC_0118 1.2.jpg
Tuna Salad from The Joys of Jello (1963) in the shape of a lobster.
DSC_0131 1.2.jpg
A tiny slice of Jell-O Tuna Salad.
Joys of Jello
The Tuna Salad Recipe from The Joys of Jell-O (1963).
DSC_0123 1.1.jpg
Jell-O shots make everything better.  These are made with 1 package of sugar-free lemon Jell-O, 1 cup of boiling water, 1/2 cup of whisky, 1/2 cup of unsweetened iced tea, and 8 maraschino cherries.
A Jell-O banquet fit for a queen: Iced tea Jell-O shots, Cucumber Sour Cream Mold, Gazpacho Salad, and Tuna Salad.
Jello brings dozens of answers
The back and front cover of Jell-O Brings Dozens of Answers (1928).  It is the oldest Jell-O recipe pamphlet in my collection.
Jello brings dozens of answers 1.1
A special offer for Jell-O molds from Jell-O Brings Dozens of Answers (1928)
Quick, Easy Jello Wonder Dishes
The back and front cover of Quick Easy Jell-O Wonder Dishes (1930).  The second oldest pamphlet in my collection.
Joys of Jello 2.2.jpg
An advertisement for Jell-O dessert flavors and Jell-O for Salads flavors from The Joys of Jello (1963)
Salad Flavored Jello.jpg
An advertisement for Jello for Salads from Family Circle, May 1965.  Sourced from http://www.midcenturymenu.com/2012/07/jell-0-has-put-salad-flavors-in-gelatin/
New Joys of Jello 1.1.jpg
This copy of The New Joys of Jell-O (1973) was a gift from my Secret Santa.  It inspired this episode.
Jello Gelatin Salad Selector 1.1.jpg
The Jell-O Gelatin Salad Selector (1980).  This recipe book was created to encourage people to prepare Jell-O salads that would go with meat dishes.
Jello Gelatin Salad Selector 02
Each page of the Jell-O Gelatin Salad Selector has one recipe on the main page and a wheel that spins to reveal four additional recipes.  These recipes are supposed to pair well with meats such as ham, pork chops, chicken, and roast.  At the time this recipe book was published, Jell-O was experiencing a decline.  This book was designed to help people re-consider Jell-O as an accompaniment for meat dishes and not just for desserts.

References for this episode:

The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse (1747) – Available from Archive.org

The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer (1931 facsimile edition) – Amazon.com link

The American Woman’s Cook Book (1939) by Ruth Berolzheimer – Amazon.com link

A Social History of Jell-O Salad: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon by Sarah Grey.  http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/08/history-of-jell-o-salad.html

Jiggle It: The History of Gelatins, Aspics and Jellies by Nate Barksdale http://www.history.com/news/hungry-history/jiggle-it-the-history-of-gelatins-aspics-and-jellies


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