Eat at Lu’s: Podcast Episodes


Episode 1: Microwave Cooking for One (1986)
In our first episode, we cook three recipes from Marie T. Smith’s Microwave Cooking for One, the saddest cookbook ever.


Episode 2: Flaky Biscuits from Microwave Cooking for One (1986)
In this mini-episode, I make Flaky Biscuits with a recipe from the book Microwave Cooking for One and talk about the science of flaky, golden brown biscuits.

06cdb-seven2bseas2bcasserole2b1955Episode 3: Seven Seas Casserole (1957)
Since it’s officially Lent, I thought that I would cook up some tuna casserole.  This recipe was originally developed by Minute Rice in the mid-1950s.  While cooking, I talk about the different types of food preservation and the history of canning.

Apple Bread 1

Episode 4: Apple Bread from the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library (1971)
In this episode, I bake Apple Bread from the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library and talk about enriched bread dough.  I also talk about the history of Betty Crocker and theorize why recipe cards indexes became so popular in the 1970s.

Baked Mac and Cheese 1Episode 5: Baked Macaroni and Cheese (1973)
In this episode, I make baked macaroni and cheese from McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection.  This episode discusses the origins of cheese, a little bit of science, some archaeology, and Charlemagne’s reaction to blue cheese the first time he ate it.

DSC_0417Episode 6: Colcannon (1915)
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I make Colcannon, talk about the history of potatoes in Ireland, sing a little folk song, and discuss a vegetarian cookbook authored by a man named Dr. Thomas Allinson.

Suggestions for Wartime DishesEpisode 7: British Wartime Rations (1943)
In this episode, I make three British wartime recipes: Ohio Pudding, Savory Potato Cakes, and Chocolate Truffles.  I also talk about British rationing during World War II and why the program was successful.


Episode 8: Ham and Bananas Hollandaise (1973)
In this episode, I make Ham and Bananas Hollandaise” and talk about the history and science of hollandaise.  You can probably predict how the recipe turned out.  This episode is a cautionary tale about the follies of recipe card authors.

800px-ShakespeareEpisode 9: Shakespeare’s Birthday Meal (1596-1597)
To celebrate Shakespeare’s 452nd birthday and the 400th anniversary since his death, I cook up two dishes from his era and talk about the food eaten during the Elizabethan/Jacobean periods.

CCI05082016Episode 10: Bananamole and Banana Daiquiri (1977)
In this episode, I make two recipes from The 2-in-1 International Recipe Card Collection: Banana Daiquiri  and Bananamole from the back.  While preparing my ingredients, I talk about the history of bananas.


Episode 11: The Joys of Jello (1963-2002)
I cook three savory Jell-O recipes and talk about the rise and decline in the popularity of Jell-O salads through the twentieth century.  The recipes are Gazpacho Salad, Cucumber Sour Cream Salad, and Tuna Salad.


Episode 12: Spam Upside Down Pie (1945)
In this episode, we explore the history of Spam while making Spam Upside Down Pie. This episode also takes a look into why it’s so popular in the Philippines, Hawaii, and Korea.