Episode 7: British Wartime Rations (1943)

In this episode, I make three British wartime recipes: Ohio Pudding, Savory Potato Cakes, and Chocolate Truffles.  I also talk about British rationing during World War II and why the program was successful.

Suggestions for Wartime Dishes
The Chocolate Truffles and Ohio Pudding came from Good Eating: Suggestions for Wartime Dishes
Eating for Victory
The Savory Potato Cakes came from Eating for Victory: Healthy Home Front Cooking on War Rations
The savory potato cakes were baked in the oven and then browned in a frying pan.
The chocolate truffles were very squishy and difficult to roll into balls, but they were packed with chocolaty flavor.
The Ohio Pudding was steamed in a bain marie in the oven.
The Ohio Pudding before it was turned out onto a plate.
The Ohio Pudding was not particularly good after resting in the refrigerator for a few days.

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