Episode 6: Colcannon (1915)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I make Colcannon, talk about the history of potatoes in Ireland, sing a little folk song, and discuss a vegetarian cookbook authored by a man named Dr. Thomas Allinson.

The recipe that I use is from a book titled Dr. Allinson’s Cookery Book Comprising Many Valuable Vegetarian Recipes which was originally published in 1915.  It is available for download on Project Gutenberg here: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/13887

To steam the colcannon, I placed a piece of aluminum foil over the colcannon, pressed it down against the colcannon in the bowl, and then rolled the excess foil up so that it created a sort of “lip” around the outside of the bowl.  Another piece of foil was laid on top of the first layer of foil, and a string was tied below the “lip” to hold the foil in place.  The bowl was then placed in a water bath that had been preheating in a 300 degrees Fahrenheit oven and steamed for one hour.
The colcannon did not come out of the bowl cleanly, so I had to reconstruct it to the best of my ability.  It reminds me of Weird Al’s mashed potato volcano from UHF.

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