Episode 1: Microwave Cooking for One (1986)

Good news everyone!  Eat at Lu’s is now a podcast.  In our first episode, we cook three recipes from Marie T. Smith’s Microwave Cooking for One, the saddest cookbook ever.

Microwave Cooking for One was published in 1986 and 2002.  I bought my copy on amazon.com, but I have seen copies at thrift stores.  I chose three recipes from the cookbook to prepare: carrot soup, mushroom loaf, and hot orange drink.  All of which were cooked in the microwave!

While this book was dubbed “the saddest cookbook ever” by SF Weekly, the history of the book is much more positive than it seems.  In this podcast, I explore the motivation of the author to share her cooking secrets with the world, and the history of the book itself.

Although Marie T. Smith passed away in 1987, her daughter carries on her legacy on the website  https://www.microwavecookingforone.com/  This website provides tips for microwave cooking, as well as some additional recipes.

Below are the results of my gustatory adventure of culinary delights:

Carrot Soup with a touch of sour cream and a dash of cinnamon
Mushroom Loaf.  It is not a pretty dish.
A slice of Mushroom Loaf on a sandwich.
It is only moderately more attractive this way.
My lunch for that day: Hot Orange Drink,
Carrot Soup, and Mushroom Loaf.
My kitchen after recording.  The mess was surprisingly manageable.

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