Peach Dish

This week I tried out Peach Dish.  Their model is a little different than other services. With Peach Dish, you can either check out as a guest or become a subscriber. The same foods are available for guests and subscribers, but subscribers aren’t charged for shipping. The number of dishes and servings that you can choose from are also a little different than the other services. You can choose 2 dishes with 2 servings each (standard package), 1 dish with 4 servings, 3 dishes with 2 servings, 1 dish with 6 servings, and 4 dishes with 2 servings. The standard package is $50, making it one of the more expensive services at $12.50 per plate.

When subscribing, you can choose from four different menus: omnivore, omnivore – no pork, vegetarian, and pescatarian. I went with the pescatarian menu, but both dishes this week were vegetarian.

The box also had a couple of added treats: a perfect little parcel with two single servings of dark chocolate, a food magazine, and two postcards with an adorable crocodile eating a peach.  All of the ingredients for each dish were bundled in a colorful mesh bag which can be reused.  I’m going to use them as reusable produce bags at the grocery store.

Dish 1: Rainbow Bowl with Brown Rice Noodles & Sriracha Nuts

Friday, May 19, 2017 – My first dish was a Rainbow Bowl with Brown Rice Noodles, Sriracha Nuts, and sweet garlic vinaigrette. It was packed with fresh veggies – summer squash, golden beets, sweet peppers, green beans, and green onions – and topped with Sriracha nuts which were so easy to make that I imagine they’ll become part of my normal rotation of snacks. All of the ingredients came in a reusable mesh bag. The dish was pretty easy to make, but since I decided that I wanted to julienne everything instead of grating, it took forever to prep the ingredients. The effort was worth it: the dish was marvelous. Everything was just so fresh and minimally fussed with. Almost everything (aside from the noodles, nuts, and the onion whites) was served raw. With the temperatures in my apartment topping 80 degrees, I appreciated not having to turn on the oven.
Overall, I’m quite impressed with this dish. I wouldn’t quite say that it is worth the $12.50 per serving price tag, but it was delicious and I have no complaints about the quality of the ingredients.

Dish 2: Whole Wheat Couscous with Cucumber, Walnuts, and Dates

Sunday, May 21, 2017 – I made my second and final dish from Peach Dish on Sunday. It was Whole Wheat Couscous with Cucumber, Walnuts, and Dates. The dish itself was pretty good. I usually don’t like the texture of couscous because it’s too gummy and slimy, but the whole wheat had a bit more of a bite to it and the walnuts gave it a some nice texture. The raw cucumber and sprouted legumes added crunch and the coolness contrasted beautifully with the hot couscous. The dates made everything a bit too sweet for me, throwing the entire dish out of balance. I tried to counteract it by adding a little more of the Sultan Papadopoulous Salt, but there’s only so much salt that can be added before the dish ends up tasting like nothing but salt.
The shining star of the dish was the Sultan Papadopoulous Salt (the label was misspelled – oops) which is a combination of Sea Salt, Garlic, Oregano, Turmeric, Chili Blend, and Lemon. It reminds me a lot of the seasoning pack that comes with Chicken Ramen with a touch of chili added. It’s made by Briny Sea Dry Goods, and it’s available from Etsy and Amazon for $8 (plus $4.95 shipping). It’s also available from the Peach Dish market, but there’s a minimum order of $45, so it’s not really worth it unless you’re buying something else from them.
While I wasn’t enamored with the dish, I’m happy that I got it.  I think I would have preferred it with a less sweet fruit (perhaps currants or apricots).  Nonetheless, it was absolutely worth it to try that beautifully flavorful salt blend, and now I know that I like whole wheat couscous much more than the regular stuff.
Peach Dish Summary
Ease/clarity of recipes: 7/10

Taste: 8/10
Variety: 10/10
Quality: 10/10

How many recipes would I make again? 1.5/2


The first dish was great. The second dish ok.  Compared to the other services, the recipes were a bit hard to read.  I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out where the dates were supposed to go.  Most of the other services make the ingredients in the preparation section bold so they’re easier to see.  I didn’t realize how helpful this was until I was cooking this recipe.

The pictures were fairly helpful.  The picture of the couscous actually helped me determine when the couscous was ready, and the image of all of the ingredients helped to demonstrate how large the ingredients should be cut.

The added bits and pieces were appreciated.  I enjoyed reading the magazine, the little bites of chocolate were lovely, and those postcards were just darling.  I liked that the ingredients were bundled in a reusable mesh bag; although, they did use a lot of those tiny zip top bags that I can’t recycle or reuse.  The insulation for the box, however, was made from #1 plastic, so I can recycle that.

The ingredients were very good quality, and have I mentioned that fabulous salt blend?  So good.

The only downside was the price; $12.50 per plate is a bit steep.

Overall rating: B+


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