Testing a Lifehack: Cutting Watermelon with Dental Floss

Alternate title: Lu Gets Sticky, vol. 2.

As someone who picks up a huge wedge of watermelon and just chomps on it, this lifehack made me curious. Is there a better way to cut up watermelon? I also get to show off the best chef’s knife I’ve ever owned.



Testing a lifehack and gadget: Easy to peel hard boiled eggs

In this episode, I’m testing different ways of making hardboiled eggs easier to peel, and I’m trying out a color changing boiled egg timer. For the first test, I poked a small hole in the bottom of two eggs before boiling. For the second test, I added two tablespoons to the water before boiling. I purchased the egg timer at Poundland when visiting London in 2013, but I have seen them in dollar stores and on Amazon in the US.

Bonus video: 14 minutes of egg boiling condensed to 2.5 minutes. I find it oddly mesmerizing, and you can really see the Egg Timer work its magic.