Will it Waffle: Cinnamon Buns

Usually, I wouldn’t do two “Will it Waffles” in a row, but I’m terrible at planning, so this week I’m trying to cook up some tasty cinna-waffles by putting Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron. Enjoy!

A few tips that I learned from subsequent attempts:
1) Grease your waffle iron before you start.
2) 5 minutes, 15 seconds seems to be the perfect amount of time.
3) Rather than looking at the top of the cinna-waffle, look at the sides. Those seem to cook last.
4) I got better results when I put the cinnamon roll slightly closer to the hinge rather than putting it in the center.


Testing a Lifehack: DIY Butter

In this video, I build up my arm muscles and make homemade butter! It’s surprisingly easy.

To make the butter, I used 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, a 1 pint jar, and 5 minutes of shaking. After a little more research, I found out that the purpose of the bowl of water was just to rinse the buttermilk from the butter so that it doesn’t go bad as quickly. If you prefer salted butter, you can add salt after rinsing the finished butter, or you can add herbs or press it into a mold. It will store in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.