Testing a Gadget: Gourmia Healthy Frozen Treat Maker

In an effort to be more health conscious, I test out the Gourmia Healthy Frozen Treat Maker which converts frozen fruit into a creamy frozen treat.


Will it Waffle: Brie

What will happen if I put a wheel of brie in a waffle iron? Will it be a disaster or will it be a success? Watch to find out!

This week I try an Icing Pen with the help of Scout. I wish I could say who produced it, but I can’t because it doesn’t say on the box.  I bought it from Amazon, and it’s actually pretty sturdy and well made.

Testing a Gadget: Dash Egg Cooker

Dash does it again with a device for cooking eggs. Please excuse the awkward cut before I open the cooker. The sound it makes when the eggs are done cooking is earsplitting, and I decided to spare your eardrums from having to hear it, but take my word for it, you know when the eggs are finished. Oh, and my assistant comes in to help.  I included the full outtakes from Scout’s helpfulness at the bottom of this post.
Below is a video of the noise that the Egg Cooker makes when it is done.  It is ear-splitting.  Listen at your own peril.


Scout is helpful!  He’s such a good helper.